Our mission is to deliver a rover to the Lunar surface, travel 500 meters, then stream high definition video back to Earth. Plan B, the only Canadian entry, is set on successfully delivering a payload to the Moon. A feat previously achieved by governments and large multinational corporations.

Prior to entering the Google Lunar XPRIZE, Plan B spent 2010 investigating different approaches to successfully landing a rover on the Lunar surface. Since officially entering the competition in 2011, this dedicated as well as talented team, has logged more than 22,000 hours of research and development into this objective.

Our strategy is to operate with as much off-the-shelf technology as possible to successfully deliver and operate our rover on the Moon for an economical price. Unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees (we are still working on the tree and will be handing out seedlings as soon as we see some success) so we are reaching out to the public for support.

You're wondering why? Our ticket to the stars is going to be built and fuelled on the Lunar surface. Team Plan B has developed a candidate procedure for the first use of 3D printing using site-available Lunar surface rock and dust, called regolith. This method negates prohibitively expensive payload costs by allowing on-site rapid manufacturing of metallurgy, parts and components, fuel composition and whatever the human mind can conceive.